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Scientific Programme

Day 1: 20 October 2016
8:00 Registration & Coffee
8:30 Welcome and Opening: Dr Glen Snedden

Keynote Address: Alex Cenko Mistakes made in five decades of store separation

Session Chair: Prof Igle Gledhill


Keynote Address: Maj Gen (SAAF ret.) Des Barker The evolution of SAAF fighter technologies

Session Chair: MariƩ Botha

10:15 Tea/Coffee
  Venue 1 Venue 2

Technical Session:


Session Chair: TBC


M.P. Kock, Stellenbosch University

Design of a cross-over diffuser for a mixed-flow compressor


B. Huyssen, University of Pretoria

Computational investigation of flow structure in a linear vane blade cascade with filleted endwall


A.S. Shote, University of Pretoria

Total pressure losses and endwall region temperature field in a linear vane cascade with slot film cooling flow


F.V. Smit, Stellenbosch University

The design and modelling of an inward-flow radial (IFR) turbine stage

Technical Session:


Session Chair: TBC


J.A.A. Engelbrecht, Stellenbosch University

Optimal attitude and flight vector recovery for large transport airport


G.L. Hugo, Stellenbosch University

Autonomous landing of a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft with partial wing and stabiliser losses


J. Treurnicht, Stellenbosch University

Modelling and control of tethered multirotor aircraft 


C.C. Taylor, Stellenbosch University

Acceleration-based optimal control of a quadrotor UAV with a swinging payload


Technical Session:

Test Flight

Session Chair: Maj Gen (SAAF ret.) Des Barker


D.B.S. Toma, Falcon Air

Flight testing of the Falcon 402 to date


S. Piccolo, University of the Witwatersrand

Uncontrolled aerobatic tumble manoeuvre mechanics

Technical Session:

Space Launch

Session Chair: Madeleine Combrinck


D. Fitzgerald, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Design and Aerodynamic analysis of a supersonic turbine to drive a turbopump in a commercial rocket booster engine


C. Chetty, University of KwaZulu Natal

SAFFIRE - UKZN's modular small-satellite liquid propellant booster engine

12:30 Lunch

Technical Session:


Session Chair: Kevin Jamison


P. Potgieter (Jnr), Aerosud ITC

AHRLAC operational testing, providing a development platform and providing the AHRLAC's capabilities


G. Brown, AHRLAC

AHRLAC case study: Engine oil cooling using a NACA flush air inlet


G. Brown, AHRLAC

AHRLAC stalled flight testing predictions and results


D. Joubert, AHRLAC Aerosud

A validation between flight control load tests and an MSC ADAMS model deflection angles


P. Potgieter (Snr), AHRLAC

The establishment of the AHRLAC manufacturing facilities at Wonderboom

Technical Session:

Mixed Topics

Session Chair: Dr Alan Nelson


Dr A. Maneschijn,  University of Johannesburg

From engineer to lecturer: A report of challenges, experiences and hope


N.F. Vaz/Dr F.F. Pieterse, University of Johannesburg

The design and development of an experimental side-wall balance using optical fibre Bragg grating sensors


Rob Craig, Simera Technology Group

FLOLS design for easy deployment at remote or temporary landing fields

15:30 Depart for SANSA Space Operations, Hartebeeshoek

Technical Tour: SANSA Space Operations

17:30 Braai
21:00 Return to CSIR

Day 2: 21 October 2016
8:00 Coffee


Keynote Address: Willem Marias, Aifa Topic to be confirmed

Session Chair: Maj Gen (SAAF ret.) Des Barker


Keynote Address: Karl Rein-Weston

Session Chair: Peter Skinner

10:00 Coffee
  Venue 1 Venue 2

Technical Session:


Chairperson: Anton Maneschijn


C. Polese, University of the Witwatersrand

Laser shock peening technology development for airframe structures: A South African initiative


D. Van Aswegen, University of the Witwatersrand

Damage tolerance improvement for aluminium aircraft skins through laser shock peening


M. Leering, University of the Witwatersrand

Laser peening to recover fatigue life of flawed friction stir welded joints for aerospace applications

Technical Session:

Weapons Integration: Workshop with Alex Cenko

Chairperson: Kevin Jamison


A. Cenko, AIWS LLC

Trajectory predictions from search and rescue (SAR) aircraft


S. Cooppan, CSIR

Modular transonic research platform                             


D.A. MacLucas/I.M.A. Gledhill

Time-accurate transonic numerical simulation of a generic store release case


Kevin Jamison, CSIR

Using the similarity argument to integrate stores with aircraft: Two case studies with electronic pods


Technical Session:

Industry Development

Session Chair: Dr Prinal Naidoo


P.H. Daya, Denel Aerostructures

Ultra high (giga-cycle) fatigue of high strength aerospace grade materials


J. Heyns, CSIR

Experimental and numerical prediction of dynamic loading on fuel tank structures


A. Cardoso, Denel Aerostructures

Natural fibres application in the aerospace structures: A feasibility study

13:00 Lunch

Keynote Address:  Mike Kgobe


Panel Session: Building a career in aerospace

Chairperson: Mike Kgobe/Marie Botha

Panel to be announced

15:30 Closure:  Glen Snedden
16:00 Young Professionals Reception: Cocktails